Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Unlimited intenet for bsnl mobile in Nokia N73

I am really very happy to know that i have just created a new hack for BSNL prepaid connection.Yesterday i was surfing internet on my Nokia N73 mobile that supports 3G services.I live in Ambala City and a few days ago BSNL has launched its 3G services in Ambala.Now yesterday when i was surfing internet on my mobile using bsnlportal,i found that all the sites were opening(in normal case only bsnl site opens out).Then i saw that this might be due to the 3G service as the 3G icon was blinking in my phone.

For using free internet on your bsnl mobile,you just need a Nokia N73 or any other phone that supports 3G service and your city must support 3G to surf internet for free.Now get BSNL GPRS,PORTAL,WAP and MMS settings.Now go to "web" on your phone and click "Options" and go to "settings".Now select the access point as "bsnlportal".Now open any website on your mobile and enjoy unlimited downloads.But you will not be able to access internet on your laptop or desktop.But its a great deal that you are getting free unlimited internet on your mobile phone.

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nisha said...

The posts so far have been great - hoping for some more.